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All VBS Shirt designs are completely customizable for your Church!  You can change any of the Vacation Bible School shirt elements to meet your needs.  Change the t-shirt color and the VBS theme to match your needs....  After all, we're here to help you!  Tell us how we can serve you and make your VBS better!  Free VBS shirt design and Free Shipping and anything else we can think of to help you : )  Would you like some VBS clipart too?  If it helps you we can send you some VBS coloring pages that we have made. Need a banner for VBS this year - we're happy to help you with Banners as well!  You get the idea - if it has to do with VBS we're here to help - even if you just need someone on the other end of the telephone who understands the crazyness that is... VBS!

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Thanks for the great VBS T-Shirts!

Thanks for the great Tshirts.  The staff loved them.  Here is a picture of our staff after the first night of VBS yesterday. 


We take request

Many times people call us requesting all types of crazy things and we are happy to deliver!  When you have a challenging design request just give us a call and lets talk about the best way to get the design you a looking for.  Lots of churches are doing different VBS's this year and so they need unique vbs T-Shirts that will distinguish their staff or get the kids fired up about Jesus.  We're up to the challenge, Lets make VBS great!!!!


VBS Outreach

Did you know some people estimate that about 80,000 kids accross the country will give their lives to Jesus Christ at VBS this summer!!!  That is exciting - thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it!!!

The vbsTshirts.com team


A blast from the VBS past!

Can you help us add to the list of past VBS programs?
2000 HolyWord Studios 
2001 Polar Expedition 
2002 Bug Safari 
2003 SCUBA 
2004 Lava Lava Island 
2005 Serengeti Trek & Jerusalem Marketplace 
2006 Fiesta & Bethlehem Village 
2007 Avalanche Ranch & Galilee By the Sea 
2008 Power Lab & Jerusalem Marketplace 
2009 Crocodile Dock & Rome 
2010 High Seas Expedition & Egypt 
2011 PandaMania & Hometown Nazareth 
2012 Sky & Babylon
2013 Kingdom Rock & Athens & Hayday
2014 Wierd Animals & Wilderness Escape & Blast Off



My dealings with your VBS T-Shirts for the last two years has been an absolute "10".  To think I found your company purely by accident when my previous tee shirt person did not come through for our Church.  I did a Google search, up popped your website, and the rest as they say is history.  EVERYONE involved in VBS at our Parish including clergy, staff, parents and the kids have marveled at the beautiful shirts we have had for the last two summers.  I even had parents who weren't involved in VBS want a tee for themselves because they loved the designs so much.  You give your customers so much personal attention, willingness to work with original ideas, and the most prompt service I have ever seen...I couldn't ask for more.  I find the tee shirt portion of VBS to be the most stressful part of the planning.  Between getting all the sizes and quantities right and having a design that really drives home the message we are trying as a ministry to convey, does indeed put the pressure on me as Director of VBS.  However, working with your company has completely relieved that level of stress.  After Sky, I could not wait until the designs for Kingdom Rock were published and then when they were and I had my own idea, your company was so accommodating and SO QUICK to came back with a design that was exactly what I had in my mind.  I cannot thank you enough and have recommended your company to everyone that mentions to me that they need tees for their particular event or organization.  I hope and pray your company continues to flourish and remains in business for many years to come.  

Thank you again and God bless all of you.



Thanks for Sharing!!!

Thanks for the great VBS T-Shirts!


VBS T-Shirts 2013

We get more requests for T-Shirts this year for Kingdom Rock and Colossal Coaster world seem to be the most popular VBS programs around this year.  And no two designs look the same because there are literally millions of combinations that we can create for your VBS.  

If you don't see a design you like, just give us a call, talk to one of our designers and tell them what you want your Kingdom Rock or Colossal Coaster World design to look like.   Once we know what your looking for the team here at VBS T shirts will go to work creating somethin just for you.  I am always blown away by some of the cool looking ideas our team comes up with for people doing VBS all around the country.

Or you may be doing your own VBS and need us to make something custom - that's fine too!  Because our ministry is serving your ministry!


If you need shirts for the rest of the year check out our sister site MinistryGear



Is VBS Still Relevant?

Yes!  As if you don't know this from your own expierences I found these amazing statistics from Christian Retailing...

"LifeWay Christian Resources reported that in 2007, 26% of the baptisms performed in all churches of the Southern Baptist Convention came through VBS programs, with 26,502 churches presenting a VBS program and a total enrollment of almost 3 million. Of those attending, 94,980 made decisions for Christ. 

Secular media competition for kids’ time and interest means that VBS themes and quality have become increasingly important, said Jody Brolsma, senior editor, VBS, for Group Publishing. More and more, leaders are asking what they can do “to capture the imaginations” of the children in their churches.

Churches are taking advantage of digital technology to aid them in VBS promotion and implementation. Rebekah Atkinson, product developer for David C. Cook, has seen a rise of interest in larger churches looking for “everything on the computer, everything on DVD” from showing videos to the kids to reproducible handouts, lyrics and customizable slide shows. 

Suppliers are offering more posters and decorating support in their programs to help churches make an impact in the look of their venues. Bob Wallace, marketing manager for Standard Publishing, said that in recent years more churches of 500 members and above have been asking his company for advice on how to decorate the whole church to fit the theme."

Praise the Lord!

Let us know how we can help make your job easier!  Anything we can do to help with your VBS plans this year we are happy to do it!